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MasterDrive offers 5 series of industrial belts:

  • Wrapped Belts
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  • Standard wrapped V-Belts are commonly used for power transmission. These belts are used on applications ranging from light duty power transmission to heavy duty machines like printing machines, machine tools and crusher.

    Narrow Wrapped V-Belts feature a higher wedge angle and hier power transmission in an energy-saving compact design. They tend to be used on large pumps, crushers, dynamos, machine tools and freezers.

    Thin Wrapped V-Belts have higher bending properties, good abrasion resistance, little generation of powder and are commonly found on agricultural machinery and light duty industrial applications.

  • Banded Belts
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  • These belts are designed for applications where more than one belt is required. They help prevent belt whip and provide for stable running.

  • Raw Edge Cogged Belts
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  • These belts feature improved transmission efficiency since they are composed of cord and rubber with side faces of fabric. Applications include agricultural machinery, blowers, dynamos and escalators.

  • Banded Cogged Belts
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  • Designed for applications where multiple belts are required. Help prevent belt whip and jumping. Lateral rigidity keeps belt running in a straight line for reduced wear.

  • Synchronous Belts
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  • When synchronization is a necessity synchronous belt drives are a good alternative to chain drives with their positive slip-proof engagement, high mechanical efficiency and lubrication free performance.

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V-Belt Maintenance

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Belt Failure Analysis

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Belt, Sheave and Bushing Selections

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