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    MasterSelect Features:
  • V-Belt Drive Selection
  • Synchronous Drive Selection
  • Belt Length Calculator
  • Center Distance Calculator


MasterSelect now has Synchronous Drive Selection (L & H and 5M, 8M & 14M HTD) and a Belt Length/Center Distance Calculator!

Let MasterDrive put it all together for you, sheaves, bushings and belting for a coordinated system from one source.

There are many ways to transfer power from one point to another and change speeds. Given a few inputs MasterSelect will provide you with multiple options on sheave sizes and variations on the number of grooves to accomplish the job. The program will then show you the relative cost of different approaches, so that you can optimize the components or utilize on hand parts.

By simply entering the Horsepower and Driving and Driven speeds, a Service Factor, Shaft Diameters and the acceptable Center Distance range as many as 25 solutions can be derived.

Advanced Inputs allow the user to enter allowable Belt Types and choices of Sheave Mounts from Bored to Size, QD Bushed, DST-Double Split Taper or TB Bushed designs.

Further input of Pitch Diameters and Allowable Speed Variation, Sheave Face Width maximums, or number of grooves are just some of the ways that a very custom solution can be generated.

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